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Developing our “gallery of ideas” to inspire intervention development…

To discover what interventions might be possible within this project across the three sectors of essential workers, we developed a gallery of intervention ideas. The intervention ideas are separated into two sections, those that we have already seen happening in real life and some brainstorming ideas that we developed through our research and workshopping.

We are using the board as a workshopping tool to inspire people to think of ways that we might be able to increase positive interactions between essential workers and residents and to discover what may or may not work. We have shared the board amongst our team, with essential workers and various academics to gain their separate insights. From this feedback we can begin to think about what might be possible. Introducing our Intervention Ideas Gallery…

Where we share some sample ideas for you to build upon and challenge:

Click here to visit the board and add your ideas/builds/challenges - we’d love to hear your thoughts!


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