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We’ve had a busy 6 months getting the Essential Mix project up and running: hiring a talented team to run the project on the ground and behind the scenes, immersing ourselves in the local contexts of Hammersmith in London and Drumchapel and Maryhill in Glasgow, identifying the right essential worker teams to work with as part of this project, building connections with essential worker groups…the list goes on. 

There are lots of interesting insights and potential ideas for promoting greater interactions between residents and essential workers emerging. We want to share these learnings and ideas with you all, to keep you informed and gather your builds/ideas, so we will be sharing our “learnings from the field” via monthly blogs (and more frequently if we find the time in between fieldwork). We hope you will read them, be inspired and get involved in the comment section below or get in touch to share your ideas or ways that we might work together towards this important goal. 


What we are learning

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